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Universal flexible transition profile

The universal flexible transition profile ”Ideal” is designed for decorating joints and providing a smooth transition between uneven and non-straight floor surfaces. A semi-rigid material provides a close adherence of the edges to the surface of coverings, tightly closing the joints and preventing penetration of dirt and moisture, which extends the lifetime of floor coverings. It is applicable with different level floor coverings: carpet, parquet, laminate, linoleum, tile and etc.

In a heated state it is easily mounted to the joints of floor coverings with a bending radius of 30 cm and 60 cm at a room temperature.

Due to water resistance, it may be used in humid areas and is resistant to detergents.


Universal flexible transition profile

Length: 3 m
Qty in package: 1 pcs
Qty in box: 10 pcs
Box dimensions: 460х320х290 mm
Shipping weight: 7,5 kg

Standard clip-on profile for FTF40

Length: 1,5 m
Qty in package: 20 pcs
Shipping weight: 2,5 kg

High clip-on profile for FTF40

Length: 1,5 m
Qty in package: 20 pcs
Shipping weight: 3,0 kg


Quick, Easy, Durable – these are the best words to describe the universal flexible transition profile mounting system. To mount the transition profile, you do not need any special knowledge and skills. Having a standard set of tools at hand, you can easily mount the transition profile at your home.